Over the last 6 months, my breast cancer spread again to the pleura of my lungs. It took my life to a new and very different place. Though I had been dealing with metastatic disease for about 15 months at that point, the treatments had been tolerable and quality of life pretty good.

My passion, my health, my energy, my career, and focus have all been connected to exercise. My heart and lungs have been the equipment that has carried me. So having them filled with fluid, having related painful surgeries, and living day to day with the uncertainty of them carrying me further has been a game changer. I am grateful for all the years of health they have given me and I am working hard to continue to take care of them…another challenge. By the way, I don't look sick in any way, which belies the devastation going on inside of my body.

With this change, has come even more attention to what makes life meaningful. I want to take in all life can offer me now…not tomorrow. Each new day is a gift that requires mindfulness and thought about where and how my energy is spent. Priorities. Self-compassion/kindness. Boundaries. Honesty. Authenticity. All topics that deserve their own blog…

But gratitude is at the center of it all. Even amidst the darkest of days, there is beauty to appreciate and that is fascinating to me. Scientists say that our life circumstances only account for 10% of our happiness (50% genetics, and the rest up to our choices). I believe that, and that gratitude can shift the balance towards the good life.

Here's to the good life and much love,


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