Pam provides energetic, real-life, practical, and motivating keynotes and workshops for your audience to enjoy and learn from.

General Audiences:
Living Like You Are Dying- Lessons from a Metastatic Breast Cancer
Living Your Best Life: Lessons from the field of Positive Psychology
• From Wellness Vision to Practice: How to build confidence and success
• Cancer Will Never Happen To Me: Understanding Risk and Early Detection
• Know Your Density
•101 Things You Should Know About Breast Cancer

For Professionals
• Coaching Positive Health Behavior Change
• Brief Motivational Coaching
• Being Your Best for Your Patients/Clients/Employees: Creating Your Vision of Well-being

For Cancer Survivors, Professionals, or other interested audiences
• A Pathway to Hope: Strategies for Following Your Vision
• Creating your Best Life: 5 Pathways To Optimal Health and Well-being
• Coaching Healthy Behaviors in Cancer Survivors

The wellness presentations above have an emphasis of a coach approach to optimizing health, fitness, happiness and well-being that inspire hope, motivation, and give a pathway to lasting change. Titles and content can be interchangeable and adapted to specific audiences.
Other categories/events:
• Presentations to build
communication, empathy, and customer service skills are designed utilizing a coach approach to improve everyday interactions, whether with friends, family, co-workers, customers, or clients.
• Presentations for
cancer awareness/prevention, patient advocacy, fundraisers, or healthy cancer survivorship are designed to engage, connect, and move people to take action through the use of stories and examples that audiences can relate to.

Audience participant's descriptions of Pam's strengths on follow-up evaluations:
"Energetic, engaging, professional, genuine, articulate, authentic, warm, funny, dynamic, courageous, passionate, down to earth, positive, knowledgeable, personable, entertaining, gifted, personality plus, concise, confident, open, encouraging, caring, clear, supportive, respectful, spontaneous, talented, full of insights and stories, ability to simplify confusing information, great communicator, good at drawing out participants, excellent speaker..."