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Part of a healthy lifestyle is not only prevention, but understanding how to partner with your physician to detect cancer at the earliest stages.

The purpose of Know Your Density is to save lives by empowering women with knowledge and a guide for what they can do to help their doctors detect cancer early, particularly if they have dense breasts. Early detection saves lives.

A personal mission from breast cancer survivor, Pam Schmid:
The process of detecting my cancer taught me a lot about the process of early detection. Part of being diagnosed was being an advocate for myself and understanding how important my part of the process was. As women, we need to know our bodies, trust our intuition, and become as educated as we possibly can to partner with our health care providers. I hope the information that follows will be helpful and potentially save your life or someone's you know. For more information, my new book "101 Things You Should Know About Breast Cancer" can be purchased here.

In my situation, four large tumors were found through a series of steps and tests, starting with mammography. Because I learned that mammography is just one (important) piece of the puzzle for a woman with dense breasts in detecting cancer early, I wanted to share what I learned through seeking solid, research based answers. What I learned and what I want to share with women everywhere, is what I wish I had known.

Remember, survival rates are much higher when breast cancer is caught in its earliest stages. At the very least, when caught early, aggressive treatment and the long term effects of it, may possibly be avoided. I believe that knowledge is power and action is everything. Find out about the things you need to do, to help your doctors with early detection:
SCRAM exams, and being FEISTY with your actions!

Learn about how SCRAM exams and being FEISTY with your breast health could save your life if you have dense breasts, by reading "What I wish I'd known" on the Early Detection page.
Read more about breast density and your risk in a Q & A on the
Breast Cancer Facts page. You can also read my personal story, "Cancer Will Never Happen to Me", a story I wrote for Cary Magazine in 2004.

A special thanks to Wendie Berg, MD, PhD, FACR, Breast Imaging Consultant and Study Chair for the American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN) Protocol on Screening Breast Ultrasound, for reviewing the material presented for content and accuracy

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